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شروع موضوع توسط minaaa ‏23/5/11 در انجمن شعر و ادب

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    minaaa پیشکسوت انجمن

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    I miss you my friend

    I miss you more than words can say

    I think of you each single day

    I love you like my sister and friend

    I'll always love you til the end

    The more i think, the more i weep

    at least i have memories to keep

    I know we'll meet again soon enough

    but i can't wait cos this is tough

    every time i see a pretty flower

    i think of you then my eyes shower

    every time i take out my photo pile

    i look at you and me and i smile

    all the memories i hold in my heart

    no need to miss you, we're not apart

    Promise Ring

    I give you this ring

    as a promise to you

    a promise that I'll be here

    and I'll always be true

    I promise that I'll hold you

    when your day isn't going right

    and i will comfort you

    through the long cold night

    I promise that I'll make you smile

    when you feel like dying

    I promise that I'll be here

    when you feel like crying

    I promise that i will guide you

    when the future isn't clear

    i promise i will be there

    to wipe away your every tear

    i promise that no matter what

    we will make it through

    i give you this ring as a promise

    A promise that I will always love you.


    I'm sick or you, I'm sick of me

    I'm sick of what we'll never be


    I'm tired of feelings, I'm tired of pain

    I'm tired of playing the same old games


    I'm sick of me, I'm sick of you

    I'm sick of remembering all we've been through

    I'm tired of problems with no solutions

    I'm tired of stories with no conclusions.

    -You used to be my reason to breath, love blinded all the lies

    why couldn't I see whats underneath?

    Why can't I live with good-byes?

    I'm sick of hurt, I'm sick of pain

    why should I live if there's nothing to gain?

    I gave all I have to give,

    I need you in my life to live